Lipno Resort

Molo Lipno is an exceptional project situated on the bank of the Lipno reservoir, which combines a unique atmosphere, a wide range of services as well as excellent gastronomy.

The resort offers several gastronomic facilities: the unique MOLO Restaurant, where its chef David Šašek works his magic, the rooftop bar MOLO Bar&Grill which is located above it, while on the shore you can visit the French-style café known as Cafe du lac and MOLO Bistro, a pleasant and cosy place with an original design, with its more casual nature, the bistro directly invites you to sit with your friends over a great breakfast with a view of the Lipno Lake area.

The resort also includes the MOLO Lipno Residence apartment resort, which is to be complemented in the future by the newly arising MOLO Lipno Hotel.


Experiential gastronomy on the waves of Lipno Lake. Uniqueness of ambience, taste and service. The restaurant, which is a part of the longest observation pier in Central Europe, guarantees an unusual gastronomic experience. The panoramic views and seaside atmosphere are enhanced by authentic dishes from the craftsmanship of chef David Šašek. Let yourself be tempted. We will delight you.


This is a rooftop bar where you can enjoy not only a great refreshing drink, but also delicious fish, vegetables or meat prepared on the exceptional X- Oven grill. Simple preparation, great taste and freshness. A place floating high above the Lipno reservoir where you want to stop for an original cocktail, lunch or dinner in an informal, relaxed style. Relax and enjoy the view of the endless horizon of this South Bohemian “Sea” and the surrounding forests. There is also a wide range of Champagne, which you can enjoy to the full in our space.

Cafe du lac
MOLO Lipno

This is a place which will make you feel like you have been transported, for a while, from your holiday in the Lipno area to a design-bold, boutique patisserie in the town centre of Saint Tropez or Paris. You will experience, with all your senses, modern French confectionery and original artisanal desserts from the pastry team led by Michaela Fürstová. Bubbles of rosé champagne add sparkle to the special atmosphere. Santé!

Artisanal desserts

Desserts are prepared on the basis of light mousses made from authentic Mayan chocolate or premium VALRHONA, MICHEL CLUIZEL chocolates. There is also Madagascar vanilla and fruit puree of the highest quality, homemade pralines and chocolate in bars of the patisserie’s own production.

Coffee makes the day

At Cafe du Lac, we take care to select Tonino Lamborghini high-quality coffee. We are also happy to offer you a selection of filtered coffee from premium Czech and international roasters, such as Doubleshot, Kmen, The Barn or Coffee Collective.

Artisanal ice cream

We mix our own ice cream from fresh ingredients right in the manufacturing area. We use only fresh fruit purees, premium nuts and Madagascar vanilla.

Sweet delight from Cafe du Lac also at your home

For your special occasions as well as for your everyday pleasures, we prepare desserts, birthday cakes, artisanal croissants or sourdough cakes in a to-go box. Order by phone at least one week in advance.

MOLO Lipno

A pleasant and cosy place with an original design, evoking the world’s luxury mountain resorts. The feel of this place will be more casual and will be a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. An ideal place for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. It will offer artisanal, tasty home cooking in the spirit of "great food at the right price". Narrow menu, focused on quality and freshness. We want to use more products here, mostly from local farms, such as fish, beef and vegetables. This space will also be adorned with an unusual design wine cellar with a range of carefully selected wines. There will be also authentic wines from top winemakers.

In the morning, there will be a full breakfast with an original menu. Lunch and dinner will follow. During the day, it is the ideal choice to have a glass of wine with a plate of freshly sliced cured ham and cheese and find refuge from the summer sun or, on the contrary, the windy Lipno winter. Enjoy the food, the atmosphere and at the same time enjoy the cozy atmosphere, the interior and the beautiful view of the surrounding greenery and the lake.

The upper part of the space will have a small sales bottega where guests will be able to buy already prepared food to go. The menu will primarily consist of popular homemade spreads, soups and sauces for convenient quick finishing at home or on the apartment. These meals will be refrigerated (up to 5°C) with the use-by date up to 5 days. They will also be ideal as a quick dinner when you return home from Lipno. The bottega will also serve as an informal space where passersby and cyclists can sit down for a quick espresso, takeaway coffee, or a small snack. Premium single-origin coffee from local artisanal roasters like Doubleshot or Kmen will also be on filter every day.

Lipno Residence

Holidays and relaxation not only for design lovers, in the mountain style on the shores of Lipno, the highest and largest lake in the Czech Republic. Here you will experience moments of silence, surrounded by the picturesque landscape of the foothills of the Šumava Mountains and draw strength from the scent of the forests and meadows of the protected area of the Green Belt of Europe. Lipno Lake, pure Šumava nature and many leisure activities offered by the popular Lipno lake destination. All within easy reach and in complete comfort.

MOLO Lipno Residence, a luxury apartment house, is situated in the centre of the popular destination known as Lipno nad Vltavou. In the design apartments of MOLO Lipno Residence, you will get privacy and freedom which you will appreciate on your holiday. Of course, you will enjoy high-quality Wi-Fi throughout the residence, reception and concierge services.

You will wake up on the shores of Lipno Lake to the sound of the masts clanging from the nearby Lipno Marina yacht harbour. Yachting is a lifestyle as well as a design. For your moments on the waves of the South Bohemian “Sea”, there are sailing boats with different sizes of sails for rent. The season never ends in Lipno. As soon as the frost permits, the lake offers the longest skating track, the Lipno Ski Resort offers 12.5 km of slopes, while for views up to the Austrian Alps you can go to the observation tower of the Treetop Trail all year round. The unique children’s playground, the Kingdom of the Forest, will be appreciated by your little ones from spring to autumn. The cycling-in-line trail around the lake is 100% hill-free, and on the way to the highest castle, known as Vítkův hrádek, you will be powered by an electric bike from INTERSPORT Rent. You will fall in love with Lipno.

You will be back above the lake at any time of the day. Lipno has a new unique feature, a unique 150-metre-long viewing pier and the MOLO Restaurant. Experiential gastronomy combined with a design environment and sitting above the water surface of Lipno Lake is something unprecedented in the Czech Republic.