Villa Concept

A network of luxury villas, whether in the Czech Republic or by the sea. Beautiful private places in total privacy and with maximum comfort. Of course, first-class services are coordinated by personalised assistants who take care of everything from arranging for a butler, private chef or masseur to organising a private jet.

Within the framework of this concept, we are preparing a network of luxurious villas, which are situated both in the Czech Republic and in foreign destinations. These villas offer unique private locations where guests can experience complete privacy and maximum comfort. The emphasis is placed on luxurious amenities and first-class services which are fully tailored to the needs of the guests. Assistants, taking care of all the details, ensure that guests have everything they desire – from butlers, private chefs and masseurs to private flight arrangements.

The locations and the actual villas are carefully selected to offer a unique setting and atmosphere. Whether it is the Czech Republic or a seaside location, guests will be able to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of rural areas or the vibrancy and charm of seaside locations. The villas, which are situated close to urban centres or right by the sea, provide guests with the opportunity to take advantage of the wide range of activities and attractions offered by these locations.

An important part of the concept is the design of the villas. Each villa is designed with exclusivity and luxury in mind, with appropriate attention paid to details and a unique style. The interiors are tastefully furnished and offer comfort and elegance. The provinciality and character of the particular location are reflected in the choice of materials and decorations, creating an authentic atmosphere and interconnection with the surrounding environment. Guests can enjoy not only luxury accommodation but also an authentic experience of the destination.